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Have you ever wanted to be more productive?

We're all busy today, working hard both at work and at home. Everyone hits times where they wonder if there are ways to become more efficient and effective at accomplishing their daily tasks and long term goals. The most important thing to know is that you're not alone in this quest. Being a Productive Professional isn't just about work, it's about giving the work of productivity the same degree of focus and effort that you do the other parts of your life.

So it's another self-help community, right?

Nope. It's way more than that. You can go anywhere and get free advice on how to be more productive. I'm taking Productive Professionals beyond that. Let's face it, being productive can be a lonely task on it's own. Getting questions answered why your processes aren't working. talking to others about the right notebook to use, or learning ways to use one of the myriad of tools out there all require one key ingredient...people. Productive Professionals is primarily about bringing people who have the common goal of becoming more productive together.

Ok, I get the "why", but what about the "how"?

I've always said as long as you know something is possible, the how is just a matter of work. That's the same thing here.  You know it's possible to be more productive, now you just need to put in the right work. That's why I and other members of the community share content we've found useful, create original content, host live chats, create discussion groups, demonstration videos, podcasts, and even online courses. It's more than just "how-to"'s "why-to" and "why-not-to".

There's a fee? But I can get this kind of stuff anywhere.

Yes, there is free content everywhere on the internet. Here's what's different with Productive Professionals.


There's the old saying that if you're not the consumer you're the product and in today's world that couldn't be more true. Productive Professionals doesn't make you the product. Period.

The platform we use, Mighty Networks, provides a great collection of tools and capabilities I'm willing to pay for to bring the community to you. With that in mind, the memberships help me offset the costs of creating unique content, running the platform, and dedicating the time to growing the community. (I'm nothing if not transparent when it comes to things like this.)

Who are you anyway?

Great question.  I've been in the technology field for more than 30 years designing solutions, teaching, and consulting on ways to use technology to help people and businesses improve their productivity. I'm not technology only though. Nope, no one-trick pony here. Analog productivity (pen and paper for you digital people) is as effective if not more so in many cases.

My goal is a simple one.  We all talk about productivity whether its at work or at home. But does that talk show any success.  No one has the correct answer to this. (If they say they do, the're selling you something.) The right answer for each of us is different. I believe that by working together and pooling ideas, techniques, and supporting each other we can all become more productive and as a result have more time to do what we want and spend with the people we love.

I'm still not 100% sure but I'm willing to give it a try...what do I have to do?

That's the easiest part. Scroll back to the top and click on Request to Join. You'll be asked a couple of questions (partially to make sure you're not one of those creepy bots we all hear about) and when you receive your invitation you'll be able to complete your registration.

I know it's a big step so I've made it a little easier for you...every membership includes a two-week free trial. Communities aren't for everyone. If you're in search of free content, that's what tools like Google are for. However if you're looking for a little more and people who also want to grow and improve together, then let me suggest you have found the right place.

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